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Ask legal questions about starting and operating a business in Ontario.  It’s also a great chance to connect with fellow entrepreneurs.

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What is Zoom Thursday Q&A?

We hold a one-hour Zoom meeting every Thursday at 1PM EST. It is free and open to everyone.

This is a great opportunity for you, or someone you know, to ask our lawyers questions about owning or starting a business in Ontario.

These Q&A sessions are our way of connecting with the community and fellow entrepreneurs.

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Ask Us Anything!

We have incorporated 1000’s of companies for business people in Ontario and have dealt with a wide variety of situations.

We have an experienced legal team ready to give answers on topics such as:
• Incorporating a business (Provincially or Federally)
• Business agreements such as shareholder agreements, commercial leases, employment/independent contractor agreements, NDA’s and more.
• Purchase and sale transactions of businesses.
• and more…
We would love to share our insight with you and exchange ideas, feel free to drop in for a chat.