Business Incorporation – Find out more

Electronic Minute Book
All our incorporations come with an electronic minute book that takes the form of a PDF binder file with a table of contents that is sent to you by email.

Electronic Signing
E-sign your minute book through docusign.

Government Filing Fees and Processing Times
The government filing fee for a provincial Ontario corporation is $300 and is included in our pricing and the processing time is immediate. The government filing fee for a federal Canadian corporation is $200 for normal service (5-7 business days turnaround) or $300 for expedited service (1-2 business days turnaround). With federal companies, an examiner at Corporations Canada will process the application which accounts for the time difference. Our pricing includes government filing fees for normal service, so if you want expedited service for a federal Canadian company, an extra $100 processing charge payable to the government will apply.

Numbered Companies
The package price for numbered companies will be reduced by $25 + HST, as it does not require a NUANS name search report.

Business Number and Tax Accounts
Your business number will be automatically assigned by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) upon incorporation and you can then easily obtain an HST number, Payroll number or Import/Export number as needed. These accounts are free.

Corporate Seal and Physical Minute Books
We do not include a corporate seal or physical minute book as part of our standard package as they are not required by law. However, we can order either for you upon request at an extra charge.

Advice & Consultation
We will answer your questions and provide advice throughout the process. We can discuss the differences between federal and provincial incorporations, provide advice on organizing your company and share structure. We will also discuss opening a bank account, getting a business number, tax benefits and limited liability.

Multiple Shareholders/Directors
Additional charges may apply if there are more than 2 shareholders or directors.

International Clients
Additional charges may apply for international clients given the extra work involved.

Professional Corporations
Incorporation of professional corporations for lawyers, accountants or regulated health professionals is priced separately on our website.

All prices are subject to applicable HST.